About me

My name is Penny Duggan. My mother’s family came to Blackfen from Deptford in the 1930s and my father’s from Wandsworth in the 1960s. Both sought an improvement in their lives: modern houses with gardens, fresh air and space. They joined other families who had been coming to Blackfen in increasingly large numbers since the 1920s.

With a ‘day job’ as a reference book editor at a major publishing company in London, my interest in history has developed over many years and encompasses local history, academic study and family history. I believe that an understanding of how things have come to be can enhance our appreciation of the present.

I am also Community Engagement Officer at Blackfen Community Library and a Committee Member of Lamorbey and Sidcup Local History Society. Previous roles include Secretary of Bexley Historical Society (2010-20), Secretary of Bexley Civic Society (2016-19), volunteer at Erith Museum (2006-09), and Member of Blendon Archaeological and Historical Research Group.

Curious about why my family ended up in Blackfen, many years ago I started investigating the history of Blackfen, its development and the people who have lived here, and also what ‘Blackfen’ means to residents today. My book, Woodmen and Fenmen: Blackfen’s story, was published in 2014.

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Me giving a talk at the Croft Tea Room, St Mary Cray in August 2015

Me giving a talk at the Croft Tea Room, St Mary Cray in August 2015