In earlier times the focus of ‘Black Fen’ consisted of the buildings belonging to two farms around the junction of Days Lane and Burnt Oak Lane.

The focus later shifted to the main Eltham to Bexley Road where Woodlands House stood. It can be seen in the photograph below, on the right; its grounds have just been swallowed by shopping parades on either side (Fenways Car Sales is now on this spot). On the left in the distance is the entrance lodge to Queenswood House which once stood to the south of Blackfen Road here. Do you remember the lodge which remained here until the 1950s?

United Dairies mid 1930s

After the West Wood was cleared in the 1870s, Westwood Cottages (shown below) housed workers from Westwood Farm which was located where The Green, Falconwood is now. A footpath led from Blackfen Road to the farm.

cottages in Burleigh Avenue

Merino Cottages (or Bean’s Cottages) housed workers from the Danson Estate. Merino Place now stands on the site.

At the eastern end of Blackfen Road is the Chapel House, a well-known landmark and the oldest building still standing in Blackfen.