Bexley Council’s ‘proposal’ for Blackfen Library

From Monday 29 September 2014, local people will have the opportunity to comment on Bexley’s new draft Library Strategy and its proposals to remodel the borough’s library service.

To save £800,000 the Council is proposing to deliver a ‘core’ library service from the following six libraries, which would operate for longer hours and provide extra services: Central Library Bexleyheath, Crayford, Erith, Sidcup, Thamesmead, Welling.

The Council plans to seek partnerships with community organisations to manage the following four libraries: Blackfen, Bostall, Northumberland Heath, Upper Belvedere.

Community libraries already exist in the borough at Bexley village and (from October) at Slade Green. The Council’s Home Library Service, which delivers books directly to the housebound, is not affected by the proposals.

The consultation will close on 21 November and the responses will be considered by the Council’s Cabinet in December. If approved, changes to libraries are likely to take effect in Spring 2016.

More details of the strategy and options can be seen here.

Please make sure you have your say. You can access the questionnaire here. Blackfen Library is an important local resource for local people. Take a look here to see what Blackfen Library provides for the community. Libraries aren’t just about books. There are events for adults and children, a meeting room for hire, DVDs and CDs, WiFi and PCs, photocopier, oh, and public toilets. (You may remember the previous hoo ha about Blackfen’s public toilets!)


2 thoughts on “Bexley Council’s ‘proposal’ for Blackfen Library

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  2. This will take a venue away frim the elderly to meet up in the warm instead of being stuck indoors.
    They had better provide a proper public toilet. Not one of those awful metal spaceship types that are hell if you are claustrophobic or that you could be pushed back into by someone waiting for you to open door. Two toilets would be preferable. Local shops gain by having people who can take their time wandering around shops without having to dash back after a brief visit to use the toilet. The council should be responsible for finding the community group.

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