Blackfen’s Scout Group: a plea

The 7th Sidcup Scout Group is located to the rear of 55 – 57 Wellington Avenue, Blackfen. It was established in 1948 and the current hut was built by the Rover Scouts in the 1950s via a local donate a brick campaign.

The numbers of Cubs & Scouts are well down and it is now considered to be a ‘failing’ Group. However, steps are now being taken to try to increase youth participation by re-starting the Beaver Colony (ages 6 – 8) and increasing the number of Cubs (ages 8 – 10) with the hope that this will increase parent participation and lead to greater number of Scouts (ages 10 – 14).

The revival is being spearheaded by Di Sprowles, a very experienced Leader who is part of the Bexleyheath Scout management and she will be leafleting the local Schools (Days Lane/Our Lady/Sherwood Park) to try to get their participation. She will also be leafleting, where possible, the businesses in Blackfen and the Oval.

If you do have any children who may be interested in joining the group could you perhaps contact Di Sprowles on  Please tell all your family, friends and neighbours about the above.


2 thoughts on “Blackfen’s Scout Group: a plea

  1. Hi, I have read about the problems you are having keeping this group of Beavers/Scouts going and it would be great to help. My problem is that my son is only 5 as are his friends. We are a group who’s children met at Nursery at Our Lady of the Rosary School and have remained friends going into reception. If they cannot join until they are 6 then there isn’t much I can do, but if there is anything they can do at their age do let me know. I wanted to put his name down but will you be here?

    Jo Davies

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