Danson Park Swimming Pool

Danson was opened as a public park in 1925 and was a popular place for meeting up with friends and family. There was an aviary containing birds near the Mansion, a boating lake, miniature railway and deck chairs for hire. A swimming pool opened on 25 July 1936, located on the southern edge of the park. There was a large rectangular main pool with an ornamental fountain, a paddling pool for children and a beginners’ pool. There was a cafe selling pots of tea and on hot summer days it was wise to get there early to avoid disappointment as queues would run all down the road.

Danson Pool 1936

Danson Pool 1936

Danson Pool 1950

Danson Pool 1950

Although the pool was much enjoyed by locals, the water was freezing cold, it was starting to decay and there were limited car parking facilities. A new indoor (heated!) pool was built at Crook Log (on the north side of Danson Park) and the Danson pool closed in 1979. It was demolished in the 1980s and grassed over.

Surprisingly, there are still some tiny remnants of the pool left in the park today. The location of the pool is on a high ridge to the south of the boating lake, near a park gate on the East Rochester Way.

Below are Google Earth images of the pool in 1960 and its location in 2014. (Click on the images to enlarge).

Google Earth_Danson Pool 1960 and 2014

Some of the walls and wire railings are hidden in copses of trees.

Southern wall of Danson Pool in copse of trees, 2014

Southern wall of Danson Pool in copse of trees, 2014. A road sign on the A2 (East Rochester Way) can be seen behind.

North wall of Danson Pool, 2014

North wall of Danson Pool, 2014


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