Blackfen Community Association meeting: 6 May 2015

A meeting of the Blackfen Community Association was held on Wednesday 6 May 2015 at 7pm at the Jolly Fenman.

The meeting began with apologies for absence from Cllr Peter Craske, Cllr Brian Beckwith and Joy Barnes (Treasurer).

Karen Mensa Bonsu, Chairman, explained the current situation regarding Blackfen Library. The Blackfen Community Association had submitted an application form to Bexley Council as an expression of interest to help manage the library from April 2016. Its preference would be to manage the library in partnership with another organisation. Four organisations had submitted forms, more than any of the other borough libraries which had been put out for community management. The news just in was that our Association had been shortlisted and we would have to submit a business plan by July. The final decision on who will manage the library will be made in November/December. Karen asked if any of those present would come forward as volunteers and/or had ideas about how they would like the library to operate.

Karen explained that the committee of the Blackfen Community Association had drawn up a constitution and opened a bank account. Those present were asked if anyone would like to become a member of the committee.

Next, those present were asked if they had ideas for improvements to Blackfen or if there were any events that could be held for the community. One gentleman pointed out that there were large numbers of ‘legal high’ gas canisters in alleyways lately and they were dangerous for cyclists. It was asked who might be selling them to under-age children and what could be done about them. A suggestion was made to contact the Safer Neighbourhood Team.

An apology was given on behalf of the Jolly Fenman for the lack of tea and coffee. Four funeral wakes that day had led to a shortage of tea and coffee-making facilities.

A thank you should be given to those people who have responded positively to the Association’s work in applying to help run the library and have expressed an interest in volunteering.

It should be noted that no councillors attended the meeting.


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